"I hate corporation, they hate us, they collect data on us", says the person who supports increasing the government, aka the largest monopoly and bureaucratically run corporation.

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    Id rather the government collect data on me than corporations. Though I'd prefer if none did.
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    even though it's little, the government has done more for me than corporations ever will, and that's cause our government is shit
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    @ostream Offcourse both of them suck. Corporations buy out politicians to pass regulations that favours them, and makes it difficult to start a competitor business.

    All politicians can be bid, some have a high price tag. And people wonder why voting doesn't work and their politicians aren't doing what they claimed to do in the during pre-election campaigns, because its the corporation who funded their PR and hype campaign.
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    @ostream You can't control people's behaviour to not hoard wealth without force. Force causes fear, fear causes hoarding mentality, productivity droves lower.

    I believe it's possible to achieve abundance through competition, free exchanges of goods, ideas, without the use of force.

    System starts eating itself, when one group starts using their influence of government to beat others financially, other group will do the same too.
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