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For a long time now I've been trying to convince people to use secure communication. I'm used to getting called "paranoid", but the killer phrase always was (and still is): "Why do you want me to encrypt my communication, I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, so I don't care who's reading it" - "It's not about hiding something, it's about private stuff staying private" - "Yeah, whatever"

"I have nothing to hide". That always killed the conversation... until I asked them to hand me their phones, unlocked, for 5 minutes.

"No" - "Why? I thought, you had nothing to hide and don't care who's reading it?" - "Uhmmm..."

More and more people around me are popping up in my Signal contact list.
Looks like they suddenly care a lot about private stuff staying private </sarcasm>

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    Good work fighting the good fight! Keep it up.
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    It think you'll find some nice people here with the same interests as you.
    *points at @Linuxxx*
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    That is an awesome way to convince them, I never thought of it!
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    I swear I already saw this somewhere.
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    I saw another example of asking them to send you private info (passwords, banking info, ssn, w/e)

    They will respond one of two ways:

    They will say that you have no reason to know those things (thus, making your point)

    Or, they will refuse. (in which case you can tell them that if they DID send that info out over those apps, then others could get to it quite simply.)
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    @Jilano Yas I like this person already!
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    Really good video from Kurzgesagt about this topic
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    Sorry thought this is a @linuxxx rant. Will leave now.
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    Forgot to open the sarcasm tag, didn't you?
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    Oh I did not see the sarcasm thingies. In case you are not serious about this I suggest that you start looking into it :) @kieni
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    @Pointer yeah... should have opened it before the last sentence to clear things up :)
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    Oooow, good one, I never came up with that answer, "Gimme your phone if you have nothing to hide" :o
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