Me half a year ago: I want to work at Google one day.

Me now: I want to get more privacy and to get rid of all Google / non private services.

Right now I am trying to switch to signal but it's hard to convince my friends, which also use Instagram Facebook and Snapchat to use signal because they don't give a fuck about privacy and can't be bothered to install an app which taks less time to setup than a fucking Facebook account.

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    I still want to work at Google. I consider it THE job. Once you get there you're made, you've done it, you won!
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    I would use telegram. It's a good middle point between privacy and features
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    @bcye And backed by FSB/SVR. Always a plus I guess...
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    @Froot what's fsb svr?
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    @bcye Google it
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    Just started my switch to private hosted nextcloud, suffices for data, contacts and calendar syncs.

    Always had a deepfounded hatred for bigger companies and their methods, but I still feel your pain.
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