At work:

"I do not get your concerns over ssl, it works fine when we use ie"

"What do you mean by xss? A regular use would not even try ans attempt something like that"

"We need to keep the txt file with the passwords there, its an internal project, the public would not even attempt to reach our site, just put them back"

Ah the many stories that I have from this place. It is an otherwise good place to work at tho, but oh well...

Me on a daily basis tho

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    If I were you, I would go full rage mode
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    Care to share the website? You know, since no regular user/the public would ever attempt those things.
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    They are asking for it. I've been in a company like that, didn't stay much...
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    URL plz. I love tinkering with web security 😄
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    @stereo i actually like it here, the lead developer is a nice guy, old school and outdated but nice all in all. The clients make funny requests but are open to what the devs say so it aint half bad.
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    @Fradow i couldnt do that to my boss, he is a real nice dude.
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    @Lahsen2016 i am doing something like that.
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    @Froot if i hated then I would bro! But have come to appreciate my boss. Couldnt do that to them. If i am ever in a position when I really hate a company and notice some vulnerabilities i will most def let u know
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    @AleCx04 Understandable. And thanks
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