True words by one of the best writers on the planet.

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    Where do I send it to?
    (Jokes on you - I'm ugly, you're probably gonna puke, haha!)
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    @SLotman You read the tags?
    Why not just send them here?
    I'm pretty sure people here are more into finding beauty in the code and not in the physical appearance of people.
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    @nik0333 ok,ok... heres some nudes for ya ^_^

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    @SLotman An orgy? :'D

    *Eyes twinkle*
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    Downvote cause this does Not have a single thing to do with devrant
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    @jiraTicket Are you an intern?
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    @jiraTicket And I'll like some explanation because I think I'm going by this description
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    @nik0333 my interpretation of ”life as a programmer” is that is still should be programming-related stuff and not just random stuff that you like and you're a programmer.

    I'm a programmer and I like surfing but I wouldn't post surfing related stuff here.

    But hey, maybe weird interns is a typical part of the typical programming life that I just haven't encountered yet.
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    @jiraTicket Well, I'm a programmer too.

    And I was a programming intern once and the post is about a programming intern's life.

    I don't think that it deserves a downvote.
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    Being weird is not part of being a programmer?!

    My entire life was a lie.... ^_^
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