*In TeamSpeak with 4 of my friends*

Them: Hey, why don't you join our GTA Session?

Me: Ehh uhm...(Not answering)

Them: Hello?

Me: No, I can't right now. I'll join later.

*A few hours later*

Them: Are you joining??

Me: No, later.

Them: Right, so never then?

Me: 🙃

I never played GTA today, instead I continued to work on my C/Gtk+ application. Way better than any game 😁

Also, my friends think I'm boring, and I don't understand why... 😂

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    C is love, c is life :3
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    Sadly I cannot resist when my friends ask for cs :(
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    @b3b3 I played CS for the first time in 5 months today, did not go very well 😂
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    @olback 😂😂 I know that feeling bro. But we aren't playing serious anyways. Just hanging around in mg++
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    @Lahsen2016 😘😍
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    Same thing here but with my brother added to the mix :/
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    I love C ohh OK sometimes C++
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    Seems your friends are the same as mine, are tgeir names Tom & Simon? 😂
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