Why do so many people install Arch if it's so difficult to install?

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    Because you learn how the linux components work with eachother while you are installing the system.
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    It's like doing housework by yourself. It's expensive, dangerous, slow, boring but makes you proud
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    I just see many Arch rants around here and I was wondering in what way is it better than other distros (I'm just a noob, I've only be using ubuntu for a year). Is it better somehow performance wise or just more customizable?
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    It's basically like blank canvas and you are the painter. It's freedom.
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    @jsframework9000 the main difference is, that arch is a rolling release system, so there are no major versions, but only the versions of the individual software you installed.

    And biggest pluspoint: there packagemanager is called pacman :)
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    I tried and failed while trying to configure Nvidia drivers
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    @irene I would upvote 10 times if I could.

    It's not that difficult. Look at the arch wiki, which is great Btw, and follow the steps... And that's it
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