Wrote 800-1200 LOC
It went through code review which was apparently my first code being reviewed
Took me 1 month and more to fix most changes (per day more than 10-12 hrs of effort)..
That 1 month was a nightmare. Every day I thought of giving up programming. I shouted to myself every night why did I never considered these myself. How can I be so dumb.
Half of the reviews I didn't even know how to implement. Didn't even know what to Google.
I consider it as one of my toughest phase as a developer till date.
I still get goosebumps remembering those days.

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    Sounds like you learned a lot.
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    Yep, i guess you just gained a lot of exp!
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    If you felt so bad about this it means that you truly want to be a high quality programmer. It was very brave of you to not give up.
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    My only concern is whoever reviewed you let you feel that way, or left you without knowing what to google.

    Well done for getting it done. But, code reviews are a chance to teach and learn not to chastise.
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    You know,
    Magic happens when you don't give up...!
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    I am curious, could you give a few examples of what the changes were?
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    @CWins @heikomat @jsframework9000 @jamescodesthing @Gowtham95india yup. It was a great learning for me. And I am pretty sure that such moments gonna come in future again and I have to be ready for those days too..
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    @rusty-hacker It was frontend development. I had to change my entire code structure including js, CSS and few backend controllers. And changing js is painful because it was highly coupled with events and other functions which were also changed. Eventually, almost rewriting the entire js.
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    I wish we'd do code reviews 😐 but we never have time because the client is always in a hurry. It's like 'ASAP' is part of their mail signature 🙄
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