TL;DR Looking to build a tower. Starting as a web dev machine but then home cinema and then maybe gaming rig that works well with Linux.

Firstly really it will be a web dev machine as that is my day job, but later I'd like to

- home entertainment theatre
- probably gaming
- possibly comp sci stuff

Initial budget is somewhere at £800, I think I have a 500 watt psu already, i do kind of want to build my own case to save money, but might be an intense challenge.

So don't know whether to buy a low budget gfx card at first, or whether the on board gfx of a good motherboard will be good enough.

Definitely AMD / ATI as Linux (screw you Nvidia).

I'm thinking ATX form factor, annoyingly I have a micro-atx case but that make it difficult to upgrade so much.

I'm pretty clueless really, I just want something that will run seamless with Linux.

Thanks for any help ranters.

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    For case; If you don't care how it looks pick one up at a garage sale for like a fiver. One of those old big ones.

    For video card on budget. If you can hold off as the AMD prices are way high. go with a CPU with integrated graphics either AMD or Intel.

    Also if you can, look at old servers on ebay our the likes.
    Recently found a server with 64 GB ECC and 2 intel xeon E5 hex core cpus for a grand total of 305 pounds.
    You probably will need a graphics card to drive multiple monitors though but you could probably find a cheap gpu that will fit for 20 to 30 pounds.
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    @rootshell thanks dude, will put feelers out on eBay. Yeah kind of forgot about driving multiple monitors. I probably need at least two screens
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    @rootshell I'm no hardware guy but are server grade parts that easy to integrate into a desktop/workstation level rig? Sounds enticing to get such deals.
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    Well you can sometimes find those mac workstations with a similair set up on the cheap. I'm sure that if you upgrade all the firmware and install windows/linux on it you could install a fat gpu in it.
    Though as always with used parts your milage may vary.

    PS I'm not a hardware guy either.
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