*opens the code of an old project still running today*
*see the horror spaghetti code*
*decide to modernize it with good code and practices learned by the years*
*can fucking decide where to start *
*réalise it is impossible *
*rewrite it from scratch in a few hours*
*be proud*

It's really rewarding to go back to old projects and give them a good hug. You réalise then you really got better

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    I agree so much!

    For 5 years now I'm working on my framework, and every year I do a complete rewrite. And it's such a joy to see the progress I'm doing how my skillset and my experience progressed.
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    So you've done 5 rewrites? That's have to be like your kid :)
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    @epsylon76 yes I did 5 rewrites, and most of them were featurecomplete.
    The first version of it, is even used for some production sites. And yes it's definetly my baby, I love working on this project. And am so proud how well it works and how effective I can put it in use. :)
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    Awesome! I hope you are writing clean code these days :P
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    @lithiex I think it is.... But in two years I'll reopen it and cringe
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