God damnit.
It's about my freaking PC, again...
(If you still don't know what I'm talking about: https://devrant.io/rants/889384/ )

Well then.
I have not ranted about this until now because I was trying to fix it on my own... but since I'm now desperate to get it fixed, I'll say it here too... please help me, I'll give you cookies or virtual hugs or something ;-;

The problem is... my audio driver doesn't work. I tried to update it (from Realtek's website), but... after installing the new version of the driver, it asks me to restart my PC, I do that, and then... nothing happens, the problem remains.
The audio icon on Windows' application bar says no audio devices are connected, which isn't true as it should notice the PC's native speakers, or my headphones, but it freaking doesn't.

As a musician, this for me is a problem...

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    I had this problem.. and I fixed when I installed something completely unrelated.. (I think it was a realtek wifi driver or something) good luck bud!
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    @ewpratten Oh, wow haha...
    So it fixes randomly, huh? Nice...
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    @Gaetano96 yup. What music do you make? I personally do edm and edm sub- categories. Using Ableton of course.
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    @Gaetano96 also, enjoy some ++ spam.
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    @ewpratten Woaaah!
    Thank you so, so much *-*
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    @ewpratten Oh, you do music too? That's cool!
    I do electronic and orchestral music, but I try to do everything!~
    I use FL Studio, even though... I don't like its design that much, the dark color palette depresses me and unmotivates me :c
    That's why I'll probably try some other DAW in the near future...
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    @ewpratten Thanks ^^
    Do you have a channel, or an account, online, where you post your music and stuff?

    I do, if you're interested :3
    YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/...
    SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/gaetano-de-pa...
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    Website: http://retrylife.ca
    YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/...

    The YouTube is a shared channel. I work on most of the video and music.
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    It might be cheaper (depending on your time) to just buy a new sound card. They are extremely cheap.
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    @codePatrol Oh... I didn't think about that, thank you! ♡
    Though I have a laptop, I think I will consider this option. Do you have any recommendations regard sound cards?
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    Try updating to the latest Windows Updates. After that I would try DriverPack (http://drp.su)
    Unchecked all the offers first, but it's a great tool that usually has the fixes you need. Also, if the first pass doesn't work, try uninstalling the driver and try again.
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    @Gaetano96 I don't know the model or who makes it but there is a USB one for use with raspberry pi. That might work, although if it's a laptop you probably want noise through the speakers so maybe that wouldn't be a good solution.

    You may have tried this, but try running the installation in compatibility mode for a different version of Windows (Vista, or 7). Make sure you explicitly run it as administrator as well. I have a program for work that if I don't install it that way, it fails.
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    The link above has more info (about setting the compatibility mode through cmd in an admin shell).

    My final trick when it comes to drivers is to go into device manager and uninstall it then click scan for hardware changes. That sometimes works but that's all the insight I have. Otherwise contact Microsoft for support. :) you did pay them and they should support their product.
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