How many project do you have in your main Visual Studio solution? At work we have 180+ and it is driving me nuts how slow everything is. Especially when pulling from hg.

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    180 fuck!!! And Im complaining about 10... Can't you segregate with multiple​ sln files? :/
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    We have 100. One time a guy from Microsoft told us to not do this since VS is not built to handle many projects in a single solution
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    10 is really the max so far... What freaking solution could require 180+ different projects?!?
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    I've tried to separate server and client to separate sln, and it works fine most of the time. But eventually i run into reference errors. I don't have the time or competence to fix 😅. Upgraded to VS2017 today though, and performance is much better ☺️
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    We have 40 to 50 modules but still the highest number of projects in a solution is maintained to 2 that too is highly unlikely mostly a single project in a solution.It might be easier if you keep a single output path and use the same path as the reference path. Maybe obvious but still..
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