tl;dr - i think? i have a short attention span

Just started ricing up i3 yesterday! i'll post screenshots and maybe start a git repo or something for my Arch/other customizations.
Any tips on getting polybar to be transparent? i wanna get your guys's help before i go digging through subredits and StOve 😂

so far i have:
- installed compton and tossed it into i3
- tossed the initial (example) polybar in i3
- tossed in an xrandr script because i needed it
- tossed in a feh to fetch a desktop background (it's pretty, i'll link below)
- I've got it bad guys - i tried to mod+enter to open a terminal...
on my windows computer at work. 😬

Pretty desktop wallpaper: https://wykop.pl/cdn/c3201142/...
(THIS WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS TO DIG UP ONLINE [ had to remember the last half of the filename to get an image search where it popped up ] - remind me to save a link to ALL the wallpapers i find)

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    @irene compton dosen't do that, as far as i know. i installed feh, which i used for the background image
    # my i3 feh command
    exec feh --bg-scale /path/to/image
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