You know those dudes that dress up spiffy and try to sell you cable providers for tv and shit. Well, i normally stream everything from my computers and do not really have any need for actual tv, my flatscreen is mostly used for my ps4 or switch and das it.

So these guys stop me at walmart and start trying to sell me this provider, i normally listen and give everyone a chance since they b only doing their job. Afterwards I tell them that i use one of those roku or amazon sticks and that I am fine with it. Well one of them insists in that those are not good since **fake made up technical shit** and that unless I am a programmer I would not know how to work around them.

I smile. Hehe.....hehe.....muahahahaha and tell them that I do not worry about such things since I am a software engineer. My wife passes by and confirms "yup, computer scientist, spends his days thinkering with shit"

One of them looks at the other and says "fuck it dude we lost"

Lol, gracious in the face of defeat.

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    That gets a "favorite"
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    @ewpratten aww *blushes*
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    Beautiful, just beautiful. <3
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    Love their reaction. I once messed up a sales person's "praising" of a phone by simply throwing in some facts at "saturn" - the guy then asked me for advice instead of the employees there.

    (media markt and Saturn are the biggest electronics resales in Austria and afaik Germany too)
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    Ahahaha, how wonderful xD
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    Ahah damn I would pay to see their faces.
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    And I know that look well. Sales guys are always taken aback and look slightly afraid when they discover I speak geek better than them. It makes me grin.
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