Need advice. I am totally lost in this data science course. Should I just cut my loses and abandon the class or continue to make a fool of myself. I feel totally lost and the rest of the class hates me

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    Why to leave... Take time and think where you lag... And prepare a plan to cover.. I do the same thing..
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    I am so far behind and feel totally lost especially in SQL and everyone hates me. I know they talk shit behind my back
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    Dude why do you care so much if they hate you? If that's the case, it sucks, but in the end you are studying for yourself and your future. Fuck those pieces of shit, do the extra studying at home and finish it with our without them
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    Talk to your tutor. Any decent tutor won't want any of their students to fail or drop out so should be able to offer help and advise. But if you really want to pass then you may have to work a lot harder to keep up.

    Unless you have done something bad to upset the other students I wouldn't give a shit what they think (easier said than done I know).

    And good luck!
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