So many of the idiots at my school, when they grow up, want to do "something with computers". Wha? The concept of what you even do with a computer is so widely screwed up that kids think that is specific enough to plan their futures on. I suggest they actually learn minute enough of their future career to know what really they want to do, but I guess this would be too logical?

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    I started writing games with corona SDK in lua, maintaining wordpress sites, creating angular websites, designing middleware for headphones, and a music player for Android, in my first year as a professional. Sorry if I wasn't focussed enough for you.
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    @gorsamp hm? No, you obviously knew that you wanted to be some kind of software engineer, and I wasn't mad at how he went about practicing his stuff. I was mad that his entire career choice was, "Something with computers"
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    @SpencerBeige it was a good rant, then it bothered me a little, which makes it a great rant
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    Mmm not necessarily. You can like computers, like working with softwarw and administrating systems, or programming, maybe even building them or repairing them. You can like all these and more and not know what you want to do, "something with computers" sounds reasonable and way better than getting stuck to something one may not like.
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