Trying to open the root folder on my raspbery pi
me: lets open the root folder
pi: you dont have permission to do that
me: im your fucking creator and root. do as i say
pi: you have no permission to do that
me: fuck you
*closes vnc and opens Netflix *

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    ?> make me a pi
    make it yourself!
    ?> sudo make me a pi
    Segmentation Fault
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    But the pi is in the sudo group by default. That's weird.
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    I had the same f'ing problem setting up my OpenVPN server.
    Solution: # sudo su
    It takes you to a new shell and when you're done just type "exit" to return to the pi shell.
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    ill try this out
    thank you @Tisila
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    'sudo ls -ld /' will show you the exact permissions of root.

    But usually anyone should've read permissions on '/'.
    You could simply do 'chmod uog+r /' - but I guess you have a more serious problem than the read permissions...
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