So I get these spam messages all the time, but correct me if my math is wrong. 15 years of combined experience / 155 employees = 0.096 years experience per employee which is about a month experience each assuming everyone has the same amount of experience. (15 / 155) * 12 = 1.152 (rounded of course). Now I know having the least amount of experience isn’t always a measure of quality since I have about the least in my team yet have been teaching some of the more experienced coworkers of mine some things but if I am trying to sell services I would probably pump up the collective years of experience a bit. Especially if there’s 155 of you.

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    @Lahsen2016 no it does not but where I’m from when people say combined experience such as 60 years combined experience in the industry even though the business and employees have only been in the industry for 10 years as part of their marketing math, it normally means the total years combined. Marketing math never makes logical sense.
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