wow office is full of pessimistic and unhappy people. being a covid graduate i didn't knew the sadistic life of office goers . can some of you pre covid people share instances of a positive ofice environment that made you go to office each day?

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    my team literally goes out of their way to chill and talk to one another. They were all friends prior to working here, and they were my friends before being my employees. Makes for a really lighthearted environment in which people are not constantly trying to fuck one another. We also have rules about not acting like autistic fucks and making development our sole personality.

    They naturally help and support one another as workmates, the professionalism is there, its just much more chill. The chill environment is hard to grasp when out of the office.

    We all do prefer working remotely tho, we would just talk over discord or Zoom, but we did enjoy it that way,
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    > a positive ofice environment that made you go to office each day?

    I had no choice.
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    I used to live in a flat so depressing that even going to the office was preferable than staying in.
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    Did you write POSITIVE OFFICE ENVIRONMENT? Oh, my fucking sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @AleCx04 wow, cool office. must be a small team i guess? i can relate to this somewhat since my team is also a little better than the rest of the folks who share the office with us ( except the PM, she's a bit of a snake).

    me and this senior guy have almost same face and level of high excitement, while i like to spend time with this senior ios dev and a qa who are very calm the PM is a mess, she is a cute lil ball of sweetness when with us, but in front of her bosses, she is a cold hearted ass licker. we all still hang out together .

    the problem comes outside our team :

    1. only 7/18 people are in our office, rest including the main boss vp , work from different city's office or remotely, so their isn't much interaction.

    2. our office has 250+ people sitting in the same single room which are splitted into multiple teams. some of those teams have horrible boses/team mates and share depressing stuff.

    3. fear of some v sr. folks looms like a cloud among people, don't know why
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    The pessimism might be sort of jokingly exaggerated. So tell people about this during your next retro - that it's actually making you not want to come into the office.

    I'm guilty of sort of being jokingly pessimistic about stuff like deadlines and organisation changes. but that's partially cause I feel the rest of my team is so optimistic someone has to counter balance it. partially it's a tired in joke between those of us who've been around a long time to say shit like "Oh, this sounds great at first. just like that bad project 4 years ago"

    But if I heard someone was actually bummed out by my pessimism I would change my ways.
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