Just ordered for my free hacktoberfest tees and stickers.
Hope it gets delivered to me soon.

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    Stickers? I was just given the option for tees :/
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    @aj20010319 yup. But, stickers are mentioned too. Option is given only for tees. Check your email again. Stickers will be written in the order
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    @github Well, for me just the t-shirt is mentioned as the only item in the order confirmation.
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    How to order m8 ? I've completed the task but I'm not getting any link to order the goodies?
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    @codvlpr it takes some time till you get the email. I think I waited a couple of weeks
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    @github did you get them, yet?

    Edit: has anyone got them yet, outside of the US?
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    @hacker nope. Not yet.😞
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    @github tell me when you get them, bro. Alright?
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    @hacker sure. U too.
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