Hi all. at the moment I work in a medium-sized company, but I have enough work to do, and now we have a problem with databases and our system administrators can’t handle it, and I was instructed to find a reliable company that will either deal with what we have or it is possible that our databases can be transferred On another platform, a real specialist administrator is generally needed. thanks in advance.

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    wrong platform.

    also: seems you're a bad fit for your position. you should find something better suited to your talents and experience.
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    Shove this rant up your motherfucking butt, asshole
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    Has your company thought about turning to database administration services? These are software tools and services designed to manage and maintain databases. They play an important role in ensuring the reliability, performance and security of databases. I would recommend you to avail this particular service.
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    In this day and age, information is gold, and many companies depend on effective management of their data to achieve success. However, database management can be a complex task, requiring knowledge, experience and constant monitoring. This is where comprehensive and affordable database administration services come into play.
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    Optimal database management is critical, but can also consume significant resources. One way to significantly reduce costs and increase the efficiency of database management is to seek help from professionals https://dbserv.com/database-adminis.... When you hire a professional database management service, you can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment. You also don't have to hire additional staff to manage the database, which saves you additional money.
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    Usually, enterprise software comes with unwarranted risks. To address the database issue, I recommend contacting the service hotline to resolve this problem. Alternatively, utilizing a different database can optimize data access and processing, thereby enhancing work efficiency.
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