My friend brought me a simple python problem. He expected the output to be 2,2,3... instead of 2,3... I didn't know python, but with a quick tweak to differentiate the two prints, I understood that the range() function is exclusive.

Before coming to me, he asked his senior dev & that guy just said - "Oh, your editor has a problem". 😐

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    Sometimes the people who are supposed to know best are the ones that know nothing.

    Reminds me that long ago I was in a databases class and the teacher was teaching MS Access and used the interface. I used SQL and she told me to "stop programming and return to databases"
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    @MatanRad It could also be that the Sr. Dev didn't want to help him 😂
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    @MatanRad I know what you mean... I have a colleague who has a firm belief to never use LEFT JOIN in a SQL query and only RIGHT JOIN. She’s been working with the company writing sql scripts for 8 years now. I don’t think she fully understand how the joins work and the order in which the tables are joined matter. She’s supposedly the expert, but I started to question it when she told me to do
    “from table_y right join table_x” instead of “from table_x left join table_y”
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    Sounds like my CTO at work. Unless I ask him a question about his code specifically, the answer is nonsensical.

    "your hard drive runs through github"
    "commands work differently in shell scripts. You have to learn them all over again"
    Among many others.
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