Being addicted to Linux is a side effect of me not being able to get a faster computer when I was young.. Windows had a hard time on the machine I had.. Meanwhile Linux Desktop with compiz fusion ran like lightning with all those crazy effects.. If I had a faster computer I think I would've rather be addicted to AAA games.. Nowadays I can't use Windows because it's not as user friendly as things like Gnome.. Also it's not developer friendly compared to Linux Distros.. Simple things like changing the volume feels clunky in windows.. And the shitty windows explorer is the worst file manager of all the default ones in any OS.

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    Yeah but the settings in linux distros are kinda unstable though. I just installed a freaking printer and now the "Printer" page on settings crashes sometimes. This is on Pantheon DE btw.
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    @DRHAX34 you know pantheon DE is one of the new unstable ones
    even if the release is labeled as stable
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    @danny96178 The settings app is literally derived from Gnome Settings. It still shouldn't happen.
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    @DRHAX34 im not sure how much code pantheon and gshell share but in my experience pantheon is not stable in anything but elementary
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    @gardenGnome I'm on Elementary...
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    @DRHAX34 actually I haven't used elementary either.. But tried pantheon on other IDEs.. It was fast but unstable
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