Do you know that feel when some relatives ask you why you are "gaming" all the time, while in reality you just released a new version of a library you wrote and wanted to get it right?

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    Touching a computer = playing games.
    Didn't you know?
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    I wish I could upvote this rant so much more than once holy shit

    I even wanted to rant soon about how fucking annoying is mom when I'm back home and she goes like "Ur 24 still playing games" and I'm like coding 8 hours straight for work, not to mention I fucking game all I want if I want to
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    I used to make decent money making games.
    And ofc play-testing is required because debugging.

    My parents never understood, either.

    lol once I made a model of the USS Monitor (a civil war ironclad) in Quake 2 for my US History class. It was the only 3d software I had 😅. Anyway, the teacher thought it was amazing, but my parents couldn't get it through their heads that I was building a model, not "fighting my way through enemies on a level or boat or something." Eyeroll.
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    Yep, all too well
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    Got this argument with my mother all the time xD
    at least my dad kinda gets that I want to work in the fields of gaming™
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    Same here. It was a topic for arguments like every week. They thought I'd never be successful 'wasting my time like this'.

    Today they are really proud of what I'm doing, after they understood what I really do. It is just really hard to show what I'm actually doing.

    The most interesting ever to show them were real-time strategy bots together with the argument 'Now imagine this will be used someday to rescue people in a crisis area.'
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    A few months, maybe years ago, my parents finally figured out that I'm playing games only about 1% of the time I'm at a PC or on my phone. Before that, they assumed games all the time, it got so annoying.
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