I was at the bottom of my school and even after I start working as a professional. I was able to overcome my own struggle and become a better person. If I can do it, you can do it too. "We are all equally smart. It is just a matter of strategy".


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    I think it is good thing that you want to motivate people. That's nice and honourable.

    But, please: don't lie to people in order to motivate them. Really, who are you quoting with the "we are all equally smart [...]" crap?
    Because whoever said that must live in the same world like people who want to have a quota in every job for every minority, who think that everybody is equal.

    I mean, this is true in a moral way, but, even if so many people wish it, it is just not true for intelligence, talent etc.
    And it starts to get bad at a point where people are being hold back (or turned down in e.g. a job) because they need to adapt to people who are not, and never will be, on a similar level of intelligence, knowledge etc., just to force "equality" in every possible place.

    I'm sorry, this has not so much to do with your rant, but it just upsets me to see crap like this everywhere.

    I'm in no means against the idea to treat everybody the same (respectful) and to give everybody the same...
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    ... starting point and chances.
    But our society just needs to remember that it is just not true that everybody can do the same job equally good.

    No, it is not fair if a man is given a job just because he's a man although a woman applied who was better fitted.
    But the other way round, it is equally unfair.

    It is not fair that the slower kids in school cannot keep up if the classes adapt to the speed of the faster ones.
    But the other way round it is equally unfair.

    Nobody would like to have a surgery done by a bad doctor. But if we prefer people because of the fact that they are part of a minority and not because they fit to the job, that are things that easily can happen.

    So, long answer but that one quote just did upset me and we here to rant after all. :-)
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    @DelError I understand what you are saying. I may be wrong, but this is how I interpreted for that quote. The quote is more about fixed mind set vs growth mind set. It is about a believe. A believe for myself that I can be better.

    It is not about becoming someone, comparing someone or suppress someone.

    The quote exists in a context.

    My rant may be the same as other other motivation crap from other people's eyes. That is fine. I accepted that. But if someone sees it as a useful resource, I am happy as well.
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