I think I want to hop distro's.
Been using Manjaro xfce for like 6 months now. It's been really good(especially the AUR and software repos) but every now and then I found myself tinkering with weird probelms, especially when it comes to Nvidia drivers.

I need an easy to use, fire-and forget(auto hardware detection) distro with the newest software possible(I develop in Android and Node, and the most recent versions of IDE's and software are important.

I also don't want too much bloatware. I don't mind that much about customizability, as long as the default UI isn't ugly and hard to use.

Which diatro and DE you guys can recommend according to my preferences?

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    On the arch camp, there is Antergos worth a look.

    Solus is an interesting beast tho, and snaps enables a plethora of software.

    But both of those may not be guaranteed perfectly stable.

    OpenSuSE leap may be worth a shot :)
    - it's specifically an attempt to create a stable system with fresh(ish) packages.
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