When your client insists on uploading everything to the App Store themselves because they don’t want to give you access to their developer account. So they go BUY a BRAND NEW MacBook Pro just for xcode because they can’t figure out provisioning files. Project has been ready for submission to the App Store for over a month...

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    Hmm, I wonder if there’s a solution that can be developed for this
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    Like a system that provides a git repo that you can give your developer. When they push code, it has a Ci/CD which will show you how the app will look on a multitude of devices. When you are satisfied it will deploy to the App Store for you
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    That @windlessuser that actually sounds awesome
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    Yup I just got a weekend project fam
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    If they really insist on doing it themselves (wtf), maybe they could just use a VPS with mac OS? They do exist...

    I can’t even fathom buying a macbook pro just to click buttons in xcode.
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