Thought it was about time I posted a picture of my hackintosh. Been around a month now. Pro power at a quarter of Air’s cost.

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    Ah yes, I should clarify - I would be comparing this to the Pros of the time frame. The specs of this computer are 16GB DDR3-1333, i5-2510, Graphics 3000, 256GB SSD + 128GB mSata for about 250$ in price total, so it doesn’t break the bank compared to a MacBook. As for power, this is probably a early-2015 in terms of everything but display, and size. But, I’ll be installing a FHD in soon enough.
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    @illusion466 well @runfrodorun works mainly with c++ development (the things he has to say about that are great btw check out his postings if you are interested) so it seems viable that he would not like the cpp compilers shipped with windows as many professional cpp developers do.
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    I'm trying to get High Sierra installed on my X220, haven't gotten it working yet :/
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    @runfrodorun i do man :D
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    Cool, is that an X220 though and does the trackpoint work?
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    @anish They charge you for air, where you're living? 😮
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    The trackpoint works well. It is pretty much 100% compatible besides WiFi and SD Card reader. I'm using an external WiFi card for a bit, until I get my internal card shipment. Other than that, if anyone wants to install it on their own x220, I followed the guides by mcdonnelltech.
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