You guys think Windows 10 data tracking is bad? Server 2016 is worse. When I try and shut the machine down (it's a VM and I want to change config) it actually asks me the reason for the shutdown. I understand servers are intended to always be up but geez that's overkill. And this is only within my first hour of installation and use.

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    Um, that’s been in the server version since forever. At least since 2003. It’s mostly a scare prompt intended to make the user really think about what they’re doing. The data doesn’t go to Microsoft.
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    @gblues Huh, alright. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for the info! I still get the impression that a fair amount of stuff goes through.
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    @gblues the data does get stored on the computer though, so the network admin of the work place can trace the reason for any shutdowns and restarts.
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    That's only for the audit log...
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