Not training properly in the first 7 years of my programming career, which is theselast 7 years 😓

As a result, I have to re-do a big part of my work because I don't trust my older self around computers.

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    Do you care to elaborate on that? Trained what properly?
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    @aaxa I learned the basics of coding in 2009, and I never really cared about it, thinking it would be useless for my job (I'm a scientist). As a result I'm at the point where I have been coding horribly for 7 years and only learning good programming practices since this year. It's somewhat frustrating, since it felt like a full reset of my skills.
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    @MrJimmy yup exactly. That is why I feel lost even though I'm not technically a newbie.. and your coding skills are way past mine 😓
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