Anon reporting website/app for bad company actions

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Anon reporting website/app for bad company actions

Website or application that is effectively a public-facing whistleblower site on the shady/illegal/morally-wrong actions taken by employers. My initial idea is to have anonymous submissions with a vote based validation for reports. I could see maybe having a secure system for reading + uploading documents could be cool for supporting evidence of claims. However, the main problem with the idea is that people could submit false reports and gain traction through social group behavior or through bots. I am open for ideas on how to potentially solve this problem, and I am open to any ideas in general! Just want to get something going to make employers more accountable for their shady-ass behavior…
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Web-based framework with potential native support
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    So Glassdoor, basically?
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    germany has kununu for that
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    @CoreFusionX kind of, but glassdoor is non-anonymous, sleazy, and rats out people
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    isn't this yelp

    ok ok hear me out... use crypto for it. cuz the pseudo-anonymous and would prevent the yelp reviews bombing extortion problem

    and the Glassdoor bribery to remove reviews thing (if you have a ledger, but this is irrelevant if you're company dictator. maybe you wanna leave some corruption ability for yourself)

    then people can vote on the reputation of anonymous accounts, so there's an actual reputation system for how good a reviewer of a company is. and spammers have no rep so they can't take hold

    and yeah crypto coin as reputation or something

    it doesn't have to be decentralized (or rather, don't)

    but making it an economy means people are incentivized to act good

    also I hate stupid login systems. just an encryption key pls
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    you can mitigate by identity validation so voting trough verified accounts but that removes anonymity, you can use blockchain and some vote resolving algorithm where you allow to manipulate voting numbers by identifying bot patterns but it won’t work anyways,

    the biggest problem would be attracting people to use it and gaining credibility that those informations are not fake

    not doable if you’re not top 1000 influencer and even then I doubt in success of such portal

    the only things that sale today are videos, images and ai, sad but true
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    @vane easy

    people on reddit complain about scummy companies on the software dev places, there's r/antiwork as well

    I don't think they would notice it's self-promotion either

    just leave a comment and be like "please review them here"

    just find any place with disgruntled workers

    eventually it'll get big enough the companies will do the Glassdoor trick and force their employees to leave positive reviews
    and then you have critical mass
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