MERN Stack Content Management System.

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Open source idea

MERN Stack Content Management System.

A full CMS with Reactjs, Nodejs, mongodb and Expressjs. Should work Like wordpress and the rest, and the themes would be built only with reactjs.
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    Why not angular?
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    We could do that too. But my strength is react. interested?
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    I don't really know mongo at all but wouldn't you need something relational for a content management system?
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    @DLMousey you can do all of the Crud operations easily and Mongo would actually allow easy easy management of rich data types (videos, tweets etc.). I started learning Mongo only recently, but it seems fun to use :)
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    @struks93 I was thinking more in terms of easy querying for related data, posts having users, posts having comments, comments having users etc etc, or have I just misread you there?
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    Mongodb is cool and easy when you use an ORM like mongoose for querying.

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    @leksyib @DLMousey this is what I meant. Poor formulation on my part
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    You can create relation on mongo as well i done with mongo+ express + nodejs + angular some work lets see what this project offers maybe something good
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    I had almost the same idea 2 years back when i first used wordpress but the thing was that wordpress was supported by most of the shared hosting sites scince it was built using php.

    Now digital ocean and other cloud hosting brings cheap containers to the table.
    would like to contribute 😊
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    Count me in as well as time to time.. by a way were is url?
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    @rim01 @deepmind Send your github usernames. I'll add you as contributors. it's a private repo
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    @deepmind Added you already. I'm preparing a pivotal tracker story. I'll send it to you.
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    @leksyib my strength is Angular and Polymer but I could help.
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    Very Interested
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