Twitter bot to help people explore music

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Twitter bot to help people explore music

After a success of our first Twitter bot (https://twitter.com/___Wikipedia) A new idea of a Twitter bot to tweet random music for people to explore. We can fetch music information from allmusic.com or musicovery.com and then tweet in particular format and hashtag.
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    can you elaborate? why would people need this?
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    @deepmind Music (or art at large) is an acquired taste.

    We don't know what we need or love until we are exposed to that.

    Many I know, wish to try something new everyday instead of sticking to old one.

    Even if you stick to old taste there is lot to explore which is similar but unknown.
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    Like suggestions in Spotify?
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    @deepmind Spotify does not work in my country so not sure how that works.

    But back in early 2013, when I was an active Twitter user, we used to organise music marathons based on genre or band.

    The community used to live tweet what they were listening to for others to know and based on what they were listening many used to get to know others artists.

    This way my and others knowledge on music grew a lot.

    Same way, we fetch the data using the API from one of music database which has all the genres and artists listed.

    Our algorithm picks up random genre, artists and their song to tweet.

    Followers will obviously see that in the feed and if curious they can listen to that song on YouTube or Soundcloud or Spotify or iTunes or wherever they want.

    But only we (the creators) know that it will be a bot. Community will be told that we are manually curating the content for them.
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    How about suggesting soundcloud artists?
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    Last line: so it is a scam
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    @CozyPlanes LOL no. 😂

    We aren't taking away anything.
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