Hurricane Maria - electricity audit

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Hurricane Maria - electricity audit

It has been 150 days (4 months and 28 days) since Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico. Yet, there are still many families that don't have electricity. My plan is to have a website which people can enter information like location and whether or not they have electricity. Then we can run a report against that, and make the report public. The purpose of this effort is to give the general public, and maybe the government, access to real information. Given by us, the citizens. If you have the following knowledge, and are willing to help, please contact me. ++ SQL ++ PHP ++ Graphic design (optional)
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    I'd like to help
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    How can someone access a Website without electricity? Just wondering
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    @Minion a good point, I didn't think of that either
    Grasping at straws here, but phones maybe?
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    So would I , if I'm any use at all. One thing though: how are people without electricity going to use the website? Friends who have access?
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    @j4cobgarby I will add the email I will be using here in a few.

    @Minion, @OutOfRange there are a couple of ways. I don't have electricity but I have a generator. Other people simply use their smartphones, if they have signal and the data plan. But if they don't, there are some public spaces that have wifi (Restaurants and the such). Which is why the site should be small and compatible with portable devices.

    Basically everyone has smartphones these days.
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    @Minion if you don't have electricity you probably already know and don't need a website to tell you that. The point sounds like it's to raise awareness about this to others who may not know or care about the extent of it.
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    It looks like @Minion thought of the electricity problem before me (didn't see that comment). @ryanmhoffman I think the problem is that the people without electricity won't be able to use the website to tell other people they don't have electricity.
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    It is a bit weird to wrap your head around if you don't live here. I added some comments on that above. If you have a specific question on this, I will do my best to answer.
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    Ah (didn't see that one either, I must be going blind or something). So everyone has access to electricity even if they don't have mains access at home?
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    Yeah basically. Some people charge their phones at work and use the LTE to access the internet. So most people have SOME access to electricity. Just not their homes.
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    I’d like to help in any way possible. Let me know.
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    Guys, I think this project is a good one for another Collab I'm working on. It's a list of small projects related to Emergency Response.

    If you guys are still interested:
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