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Recently launched a startup company. We really missed the place where we could safely store inside information such as credentials, docs, notes, other useful stuff. It became a mess so often: — Hi, do you remember where the vps credentials are? — Idk, it was at inbox but I also posted it to Slack. — General or pm? Also, what inbox? Our domain email or the email we use for Slack? — Hi, do you remember where the latest feedback was? — Idk, it probably was at Google Docs — What Google Docs, your own or the one at that email we use to sign in everywhere? After a company signs up, it gathers its own subdomain for some static page, much like Github pages. Companies often has some "jobs" or "tech" page, it would be ideal place for that kind of page. Imagine that you hire a new member to your team and he can immediately log in right there and see all the stuff he needs to start: credentials, links to enterprise services such as Github, Dockerhub, Slack, Trello or anything, docs, articles and useful notes.
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    Honestly for me I wrote a WCF service that I access via
    1. Windows store app
    2. Android app

    It talks to an SQL server database regardless if hosted on windows or docker on Linux

    I has three types of credentials to save:
    1. Logins
    2. Servers
    3. Services

    It is sort of a mock of Enpass app if you want to check it out

    The only down side in what I did it is not optimized for online hosting and built as local Host to be target of hosting.

    If it is of any help I can throw the code on GitHub and you guys can add whatever you want.

    Stack used:
    1. WCF
    2. Windows Store SDK
    3. Kotlin

    Though I used MVVM and not MVC for both windows app and Android app

    I'm slowly working on the web version using Asp.Net Core just to sharpen my skills but it still doesn't even have login ready 😓
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    Not to toot my own horn so early but you should take a look at Obie.ai

    Apologies for the shameless self-promotion, but this was one of the first things I read on the app... And I happen to have built the solution. 😇
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    @alexsopinka wow, that looks super-complicated but super-cool. Is is your project? Does Tinder and these big guys really use it? If so, congratulations, man! 😎
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    Yes sir, we're blowing up! Haha. The dev is complicated indeed but it's actually quite simple to use. Give it a try, it's free! Feedback to our support email is always welcome, good or bad.
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