typeDef - A terminal tool that retrieve file information by their extension

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typeDef - A terminal tool that retrieve file information by their extension

Theres just so many files that I constantly have to go back to google and search what is it Trying to eliminate that problem by creating this. It retrieves a file type using its extension and then printing out information about it. All this is stored in a JSON on github, its not a complete collection yet, its missing a lot of extensions but it can easily grow in the future. See the project at github, sorry for bad code, will do better
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    See my previous rant on how it works! ;)
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    @LeFlawk well it just gets information of a certain file, lets say you have a file that you dont know what you can do with it, well typedef takes care of that problem
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    @dotPy great project. i'd love to use it. maybe at some point you could get it so users could apt-get it or yum, but im not sure of how that works.
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    @calmyourtities yes! im planning to do that, but im having sone problem with speed... but i will try to optimize it
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    Maybe there is a way to scrape file extensions from https://fileinfo.com
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    @Skayo true I did try scraping, but somehow it takes to long, maybe I’ll find a better way to do it later on
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    To make the data collection of extension grow faster, you could make it in such a way that if a user selects a file of unknown ext, you tell them its not currently in the base.

    While another script scraps and sanitizes info on the ext. That way you might not have to gather them by u're sell.

    Could work right?
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    @peterSabs actually have thought of it and currently planning how to do it right now, want to help me? :)
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    I'd love to. Though I won't be so active immediately (have some exams in a week). Give me your contacts and a repo link.

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    Is there posibillity to code it in python so its multiplatform ?
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    @P1Ro actually thought of making it in python a while back but I challenged myself to make it in bash for some reason... but In the future, I think I would have to do it in python😁
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    @teganburns not exactly what im trying to achieve though, my program is actually to help people new to filetypes and so it retrieves information about them, as well as collecting as much data on file extensions as possible. It still pretty useless now compared to ‘file’ but it has potential to co exist with it.
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