Chatbot that can reply to any sort of questions, query, etc.

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Chatbot that can reply to any sort of questions, query, etc.

Coding are done in python3. Basically there are 4 modules of codes including database, backend, frontend, interface. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    What platform/ app is the chatbot on?
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    @dotPy its for windows for now but also building it for androod as well.
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    Any good dataset for training? (chatbot)
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    Look at @teganburns comment above, that API is excellent at splitting words and getting the general meaning behind it. It will serve as GREAT inputs to your NN.

    As for training data, look at IRC chat histories, or YouTube comments.

    The data you feed into it is important to define it's "personality".

    If you give it data of an angry IRC chat, I'll call it a swear bot.

    Here's someone who found a compiled torrent of all Reddit comments https://google.com.au/amp/...
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    Thanks bro..
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    Hey That's sound interesting. If you are looking up for a new member with some Python and ML skills ping me up. Let me know if I can get into your team.
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    If you scrap the contents from a website, it is the violation of the copyright law in some countries.
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    Git hub link?
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    you can try Microsoft's QnA maker, which converts FAQ website/document into conversations
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