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Desktop Application allowing you to link social media, Messengers etc. And show customizable notifications for every update. (I have no idea how I'm going to approach this)
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    Is it like showing notifications from your phone on your pc?
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    @Furyzer00 not necessarily. Just notifications from the services. That would be cool though
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    I have planned a notification delivery system which consists of a server and a consumer client.

    The server is both frontend and api. On the server you can register a Consumer client which can consume notifications reached from several sources. Notifications can be forgettable (only delivered if client online) or persistent (saved until successful delivery). A channel like behaviour is also possible. The notifications come through the api. So its possible to use different sources. I wanted to implement it like that, because I can send notifications to my computer when active I received on my phone. So when I am at my computer and receive whatever notification on my phone and I cant reach my phone atm I still can see the App and also the title and text.

    Do you mean smth like that? If yes I'd love to join...

    EDIT: The clients are native applications and dont use notification api of browsers. In Windows (yes I am using it) e.g. you receive the windows 10 style notification because it uses the native api. I dont wanna use this cortana Connection phone spy whatever thing ^^
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    @hypervtechnics Pretty much, yes. If the sources are Instagram, Twitter etc. That's my point.
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    @LastDigitOfPi sources could be adapted when instagram, etc. Offer an api/webhook
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    Something like hootsuite?
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    Try approaching this in a way where your app runs on an embedded browser like chromium.

    My suggestion : ElectronJS

    Use something like an in memory database for persistence like SQLite
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