Community Graffiti Artist Service

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Community Graffiti Artist Service

You know when you see the following in public places: - Promotional posters - Graffiti vandalism They're an annoyance in normal neighborhoods. But in tourist locations they can be detrimental. The idea is to make a (website or app), where people in the community can donate to certified artists. These artists would then cover the area with something cool/pretty. I've seen graffiti artists cover old looking places or offensive marks. The result is usually impressive. But they mostly do it as a community service or for fun. So I thought of this.
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    How will you keep out dem toy artists 😂😋
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    1) The peasants will be pushed out through a voting or review system.

    2) The artist might need a permission to do this. Maybe ask for it when they make their account.

    3) = option_1 + option_2
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    I like the concept ... Did some graff myself, its a tough community
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    I can only imagine. Best I ever met were at local events. Artists of all kind would be there. Wood carver, painters, glass working, etc.

    I feel like art in general (including music and theater) has a hard time finding purchase these days.
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    You are totally right, but loads of graff artist do it for fun not profit... Maybe a handful that do it for a living...
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    The idea is not half bad, niche online businesses like these can sometimes do very well.

    This would be illegal in my country though
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