Social beacon app

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Open source idea

Social beacon app

An app which allows to turn any Web-enabled device with LED/screen to a smart social beacon.
Tech Stack
Express.js, MongoDB, React, React Native
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    What is a social beacon?
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    @j4cobgarby like a normal beacon, but it's connected to internet and it has events on which one could activate beacon and if there's enough people, then the light forms an image (if people are in one huge crowd)
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    So you can activate a beacon and the color would be selected automatically (also it will be visible in web)
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    What do you mean by the Term beacon in this context?
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    I think a Bluetooth beacon, like an iBeacon
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    I love bacon 🥓 :)
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    So you mean if there are enough people we can use this app to convert their cellphones to individual pixels. To form an image.

    Sounds interesting. But...

    how are you going to identify each one of the node?
    What if they change their place
    what is the use to the general people?
    What problem(s) of users are you going to solve with this app?
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    You could transfer information with light, although I don't think modern smartphones has fast enough sensors (eg. camera or light sensor) for the information to not be visible blinking.

    Other problem is positioning which is probably the use-case you are planning to use the beacons. Currently there's no sensor in any phone that could differensiate distances by calculating delays of light beams as I'm aware. Triangluation would also require multiple beacons.
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