Application for advanced leaked information research

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Application for advanced leaked information research

I am creating a project called MyLeak. It is an Online Tool for Proving if any data was hacked/leaked. We collected leaked databases over years now and we created an Application to search in the database. It searches for names, nicks/Users, financial Information, email, passwords, IP, (mobile)phone numbers. I also want to implement a webcrawler to search automatically. It is written in Java and implements a REST interface to comunicate via php/Website The basic Application is already finished. Todo: Webcrawler & Website / PHP Application
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    i like the idea, but how do you plan on not leaking this leaked data further?

    All you have now is a means for someone to brute force the list out, with nothing more then a email/phone number

    well that and using "tutorialzine.com" as the search url and including Jquery over http instead of https.
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    @Andrian see that part of the problem
    Yes it’s been leaked but you don’t have easy access to that data unless you find a source usually on tor somewhere.

    Having it open to “search a username/email” can lead to actually retrieving said data and creating yet another leak.
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    I'll just leave this here:
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    It is legal See @okkimus comment. The whlole content is stored as a checksum
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    You can also avoid abuse / bruteforce with lookup limits
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    And there are many public legal sources where you have Access to These databases: a.e: www.databases.today
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    @okkimus was just about to say that, that's literally it
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    Does not work on chrome from Nougat/EMUI 5.1
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    Now that's something innovative
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