Motivating and helping each other by forming small teams/pairs of devs who look after each other. No one likes to code alone

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Motivating and helping each other by forming small teams/pairs of devs who look after each other. No one likes to code alone

I sometimes find it very hard to find motivation to learn stuff. I've also been seeing a rise in rants about ppl talking about motivation. The aim here is to be productive. Help each other. If we have people to look up to, people to share what we're making or learning, we might be more compelled to do so, cuz we have people to impress. If you feel that you are alone and your peers don't understand you, this might be what you want. How: Initial thoughts are to get as many people on board, then randomly group them into teams of 4 OR make random pairs( or make teams based on interests. Whatever suits you). The teams don't have to be similarly skilled, just loyal to their teammates.(the teams aren't communicating with other teams to be clear). They will talk about their current projects or what they are learning and basically check up on each other. The checking up on each other part is important. Not to be confused with teams working on a single thing or spamming each other. There can be a central place to control teams where all the members are present, so if someone wants to switch teams, offer a suggestion, hopefully not spam,it can be done with ease. This is a collab, we can discuss the rules and the details, if people are interested.
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    I'm interested to collab, but I don't find the button (I know it is present on Mobile) Collab.
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    Okay I'm new here and i think i'm missing something. How exactly do i add members to a collab? Are we supposed to link to external site or discuss in comment section?
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    @yatanvesh I don't know yet. I will inform myself later. I think in the next update we will be able to join a collab by clicking on a button.
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    This sounds awesome! I am definitely interested in collaborating!
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    Lets see if we have any more takers
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    Sounds awesome! I would love it!
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    I'm thinking a slack workplace would be a good choice to do this sort of thing. Members could talk in different channels and it'll be easy to manage. Even if we don't have many ppl it'll be a good start.
    Just to rephrase the idea is to check up on other people. One could start with asking what others are up to, and basically talk about the shitstorm of things that happen. Members should have a basic trust between them and can maybe help each other out too!

    Again, not many people per channel cuz we dont want spam and i think we should also talk about the rules, IF this happens.

    I think this will benefit new learners more than actual devs but idk, maybe devs will find it interesting too?
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    Love it! count me in!
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    Fine ill just send slack invites to people who are interested. email me at
    gerontiusgoodchild@gmail.com with subject set to collab and ill send u a invite. Use throwaway accs if u can. From there we can discuss the rules and basic stuff.
    Lets hope this turns out to be something good.
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    @yatanvesh why throwaway? 🧐
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    Some ppl are paranoid i guess? I mean ur sharing ur email with a stranger but its totally ur choice. as of me ill use my orig email to send invites if that helps.
    And if slack isn't ur thing we can talk about it here
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    Update: created workspace. You don't need to send me your email anymore. Join link-

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    Join d workspace, link is right on top of ur comment
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    Gonna join too!
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