Let's invent a new coding paradigm. Its goal is to make code as it naturally really should be: Ugly af

See the current list of rules in the description

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Let&#039;s invent a new coding paradigm. Its goal is to make code as it naturally really should be: Ugly af<br /> <br /> See the current list of rules in the description

Feel free to append this list of rules in the comments: - Every line shall have more than 300 chars - Every logical equation must be in CNF and use at least 5 different variables - A function is not really a function without two self-calls and 50 lines minimum length - Naming classes is good, naming them Class1, Class2, Class3, etc. is better - Objects must be called object1, object2, object3, etc. - On every two lines of code, there comes at least one out-commented line of code - Comments are forbidden unless they are used for out-commenting code - Files shall always be stored in the same hierarchy. There should be no extra folders - Indentation should be a random amount of whitespace in each line - To save space, each line should contain two commands, i.e.: i = 5 ; a++; print(a); a = i; - I'm out of ideas, your turn!
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    Is it okay if this triggers me? 😂 just a bit
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    @Clear0Ff that's perfectly fine, just the paradigm doing its job :)
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    - Design patterns are allowed and encouraged, but only if you reimplement their functionality with GOTO statements.
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    @AgeOfRanterance sounds great!
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    - unit testing is good practice. But tests for ClassX must be located in the same file as ClassX
    - passwords should be hardcoded to ensure passwords are hard
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    Let's infiltrate every big software company and make their code unmaintainable...evil af
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    - all classes must be instanced with an abstract factory
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    Does this solve world hunger, global warming and plastic issue?
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    @Floydian no
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    @ruhe Damn! If it would have, then I would have joined.
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    @Floydian I'm sorry. If you really want to help out on such topics, why not join a NGO? Such help is always needed
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    - semicolons are not mandatory

    - spacesarerequiredjusttoseparateexpressionsandifferentinstructions

    - code blocks can either be enclosed in "begin...end", "{...}" or "if...fi"

    - variable names must be at least 10 chars long and must all start with the name of the project/object + "_var1", same goes for methods and functions

    - there's no include/import/using for libraries, they all have to be copies in the same file

    - spaces can also be used to separate parameters instead of commas

    - array will start from 1 and use () parenthesis

    - functions will use [] parenthesis for parameters of just nothing (like assembly)
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    Damnit I spent a hour finding this collab. I just had this idea:
    - (), {},[] and <> need to be replaced with )(, }{, ][ and ><.
    - Instead of ; you have to use ,,,,,, (and you can't have two lines in a row ending with that, you must have some lines ending with ,,,,,,, and some without)
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    @MrEvilCooki3 it's beautiful!

    But one change request: instead of mirroring all parenthesis, those should be used as follows:
    ( must be closed with >,
    [ is closed with },
    < with ), and finally
    { with ].
    This would even allow for a fourth type of parenthesis
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    @ruhe even better! replace all parenthesis with + and -
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    For version control, only this is allowed: https://devrant.com/rants/1336740/...
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    Can we add this game or some version of it as a rule?

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    New idea just came into my mind: it should be fully controlled by RNG. The mismatching bracket combinations are different in each file and RNG decides if it is going to error at compile time or not. Also sometimes it should not error at compile time and not terminate program on runtime, it should just fuck the shit out of your pc: destroy a random amount of files (ignoring the permissions of course, you have to run it with sudo every time), eat all your ram, overwrite some parts of disk with null, etc...
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    Is there any existing code following this out there? Would love to read it.
    Also how about a parser converting code to this
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