Let's invent a new coding paradigm. Its goal is to make code as it naturally really should be: Ugly af

See the current list of rules in the description

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Let&#039;s invent a new coding paradigm. Its goal is to make code as it naturally really should be: Ugly af<br /> <br /> See the current list of rules in the description

Feel free to append this list of rules in the comments: - Every line shall have more than 300 chars - Every logical equation must be in CNF and use at least 5 different variables - A function is not really a function without two self-calls and 50 lines minimum length - Naming classes is good, naming them Class1, Class2, Class3, etc. is better - Objects must be called object1, object2, object3, etc. - On every two lines of code, there comes at least one out-commented line of code - Comments are forbidden unless they are used for out-commenting code - Files shall always be stored in the same hierarchy. There should be no extra folders - Indentation should be a random amount of whitespace in each line - To save space, each line should contain two commands, i.e.: i = 5 ; a++; print(a); a = i; - I'm out of ideas, your turn!
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    Is it okay if this triggers me? 😂 just a bit
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    @Clear0Ff that's perfectly fine, just the paradigm doing its job :)
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    - Design patterns are allowed and encouraged, but only if you reimplement their functionality with GOTO statements.
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    @AgeOfRanterance sounds great!
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    - unit testing is good practice. But tests for ClassX must be located in the same file as ClassX
    - passwords should be hardcoded to ensure passwords are hard
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    Let's infiltrate every big software company and make their code unmaintainable...evil af
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    - all classes must be instanced with an abstract factory
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    @Floydian no
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    @Floydian I'm sorry. If you really want to help out on such topics, why not join a NGO? Such help is always needed
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    - semicolons are not mandatory

    - spacesarerequiredjusttoseparateexpressionsandifferentinstructions

    - code blocks can either be enclosed in "begin...end", "{...}" or "if...fi"

    - variable names must be at least 10 chars long and must all start with the name of the project/object + "_var1", same goes for methods and functions

    - there's no include/import/using for libraries, they all have to be copies in the same file

    - spaces can also be used to separate parameters instead of commas

    - array will start from 1 and use () parenthesis

    - functions will use [] parenthesis for parameters of just nothing (like assembly)
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    @MrEvilCooki3 it's beautiful!

    But one change request: instead of mirroring all parenthesis, those should be used as follows:
    ( must be closed with >,
    [ is closed with },
    < with ), and finally
    { with ].
    This would even allow for a fourth type of parenthesis
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    For version control, only this is allowed: https://devrant.com/rants/1336740/...
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    Can we add this game or some version of it as a rule?

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    Is there any existing code following this out there? Would love to read it.
    Also how about a parser converting code to this
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