An kanban boards app for project/tasks

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An kanban boards app for project/tasks

The specific implementation is for JIRAs because my team don't use kanban and the JIRA flows are messed up/don't make much sense. Boss says Closed means released but there no Done/Ready for Release stage... So it's sort of annoying to go thru the Dashboard every Monday and figure out which JIRAs actually need doing... I wanted a way to track progress based on how *I actually* track it mentally.
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    Is this a web app? Is it a mobile app? Does it integrate with vcs?
    Anyways I'd like to help. How can I help? I am experienced in C#...
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    @hypervtechnics Desktop WPF.

    How do you create a WebApp in C# though. That would be JavaScript/Electron.

    Since I was creating this on the fly I went with the fastest option.

    May need to update the library references actually. It uses some libraries I wrote but the DLLs aren't in the repo.
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    @1989 UAT Kanban? Not sure what you mean.

    For me, my team (I'm not the manager) doesn't use Kanban, we just get Issues assigned to Sprints.

    But personally the way I do work, I track "what needs to be done/which stage is it in, is it ready for Release?" But in JiRA the project isn't set up like that.

    So this app is sort of like making JIRA the way I want to use it (to do list with stages basically)
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    @billgates Would be using ASP.NET Core. Can be ran on a server with linux too. You thought of a kanban board on a single computer without collaboration?
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    @hypervtechnics I guess it's more it a personal kanban, todo list applied to JIRAs

    My reference to Kanban I guess is not correct.

    Basically I have Boards like Analysis, Dev, UAT, Release Prep, Ready For Release.

    Usually how I think about tickets. And this is sort of a WIP, have a POC now. Use it and see how it works, what I should change.

    The next step would be generating reports so when performance reviews come, boss guess what did you do this year: I basically just click Export.

    I that's really how I do it now... I have a save search sorted by date, just go thru the list for the given year.
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    @1989 hm... Maybe I can check...

    I know for each Jira type we have a workflow so you move the ticket to different states until it's Closed.

    And I know Jira has a Kanban feature but I think it's like a different mode?

    You either have a Scrum/Sprint setup or Kanban?

    I've never been project admin so don't know. Essentially this app sorta makes me the admin.

    For a most of my team is the Jira is just a request. It's either Open or Done and has a brief description.

    For me I use it as a notebook I guess. Any info I find useful or create (including test results) related to the ticket, I attach to it.

    Usually I will edit the ticket, clarify the description as more info is added.

    But I can't use it as a progress tracker. The way Jira is setup isn't granular enough or consistent. For example issues are raised as bugs or feature have different flows. But, to me the flow should be the same.

    Some go from Testing to Ready for Release others go from Testing to Closed (which for us means it's already released).

    So I can't really use it as a real progress tracker.
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