Software for school

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Open source idea

Software for school

Social network for school with lots of stuff , for example: Online diary , chat with classmates , forum ,sections for different type of subjects, everyday tests , reward system etc...
Tech Stack
php, js, html,css , vue.js, laravel,flat design,
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    I'm sure there's more, but these are two I've personally used that are basically the same thing as you're describing.

    Not to mention the more professional LMS like Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard.
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    The school I go to has a terrible LMS. An open source one would be cool to use instead. Even if it was just a client that hooked in to the sketchy "API"
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    there used to be a thing called schülerVZ which was basically a communication platform for students. Then facebook happened.

    I know that currently there is something similar here, I have heared of it but I don't have access so I am not sure what exactly it does.

    I'm not sure how well it will be able to compete vs. WhatsApp groups and whatnot
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    Good thought. But are you targeting schools or students?

    If it is school then why will they want to connect with other schools on any platform (business competition)

    If it is student, then how will you attract them to attend this platform.

    Study always sounds boring in school life
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    @amitgupta im targeting students , i think reward system will be the good idea to add student on this platform...
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    @hypnos hmmm. I'm in if you need some support.
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    @amitgupta thanks 😊😊❤
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    It's not open sourced. But completely free.

    Built with new stacks of technology. And had almost all the features of "Schoology"
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    If you'll add here something like Google Docs and intergration with the cloud, it would be nice thing to have in school
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