SQL to JSON query runner

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SQL to JSON query runner

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobis, you are my only hope. I wrote this very small (23 lines of code) query runner. It converts SQL into JSON. Takes a second to deploy and you have your backend in a seconds. I need some help to add some security to it so it can understand JWT and other such stuff. I also need docs. It is super lightweight and can do miracles when you need a database very quick. See readme.
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    you can migrate it with laravel and all security issues will be automatically fixed ^~^
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    @hypnos Man, 29 lines and no external dept's. I want to keep it like that
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    Dude what happened to the indentation
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    That's shits fucking insecure. How do you validate the data when you just do a direct request to the DB?
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    @Skayo Jeez, man! Easy.

    Data is on the server. The queries are on the server and those are parametrized queries, so I don't give a flying duck about the data. I can verify it in JS on the client side. If someone wants to ;--Drop something he can freely try to do so, won't work.

    But what I need is to keep this thing simple and useful at the same time.

    And BTW, indents went down the toilet cause I wanted to push everything in 23 lines of code 8-)
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    @nurked 40 clean lines > 23 dirty ones
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