Invocation : Competitive, MOBA, Element Combination Game. Inspired by Magicka

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Invocation : Competitive, MOBA, Element Combination Game. Inspired by Magicka

my first idea is in the game you can invoke 3 combinated elements to create skills. and i want it to be competitive, for example like 5v5. but this is need further plan and maturizarion The idea of the game; like mechanics, type of element, etc, is not mature enough, and currently i am doing live streaming in youtube for brainstorming and live coding (hopefully) every day 2:00 PM GMT time. We can talk and discuss the idea either in Discord Channel or when i am live in my youtube channel. links in comment section
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    @beggarboy is this good enough? i cant find the Collab button in Web version :/
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    much better.
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    That reminds me a lot of "Magicka Wizard Wars" that closed down in 2016 something I think.


    (I'm not complaining, just pointing it out.)
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    @Jilano It is! thats the point. I love that game so much. such a shame that game closed down. is it because decreasing popularity?
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    @wowotek I think so, I only played during alpha, though. I would say that players of Magicka liked the complexity, so dumbing things down for the MOBA wasn't well received.
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    @Jilano yes i read that in the forum too, the moba line is not appreciated.
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    @lukegv yea more or less, i actually talk about it in my live streaming videos.

    the idea is more or less all of the player are invoker, but because there is a lot of combination of skill and skill leveling, there will be specific role of player like who will be support and who will be deal more damage. that depends on how you build your hero every single game.

    and also the name i took is from the invoker it self because i don't have any idea to name this project
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