automate literally everything! (very ambiguous and overly ambitious. please read it all.)

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Open source idea

automate literally everything! (very ambiguous and overly ambitious. please read it all.)

I love computers and Linux and the internet. and with internet of things it gets even better, but as fell devs I'm sure you all agree with me: I'm lazy af! I used to have to open the blinds manually. now you can just push a button, or yell a voice command at a small cylinder. but it's still too much. I want my blinds to just open and close on their own based on everything like: a) am I home? b) what time is it? c)how bright is it? d)am I trying to watch a movie? e) is there something interesting outside to see? f) what's the inside temp. etc. this can be acheived with a buttload of sensors and complex programming, and even then it's only just the blinds. what about logging into your laptop, pouring a drink, turning on the TV, etc. when I exist, I want whatever I'm intending to do be 95% done already. get home, door unlocks no keys, laptop waiting on the couch, tv turns on, starts Netflix, laptop logs in no password (but still secure in anyone else's hands), opens atom, begins tracking time, latest commits are automatically pulled by a high powered box for compilation, and the binaries synced when finished, alerts, new feeds, etc. everything! again, it's an abstract, probably a dream, and definitely not a one size fits all solution. but I want to start a repo/org that just fixes things one step at a time, in as simple, secure, and open source as possible. examples: - log into laptop effortlessly, securely, and quickly but without passwords, uncovered webcams for privacy reasons, etc. - blinds that are always adequate. I want to forget they exist. they are open when I want, closed when I want. - unconscious feedback loops. I want to tell my smart devices that an automatically poured drink had too little alcohol, the song I want to hear right now, my hvac is too cold, etc. but I don't want to get up or pull out my phone or yell "ok Google" to do it!
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Arduino, sensors, cloud, blockchain, buzzwords, who knows.
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    Industry 4.0
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    Sounds like a fairy tale. But nice
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    Blockchain for an automation project?
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    @asgs most I just don't know where to start. seems like when you don't k ow where to start, you just say "let's use blockchain" get a Kickstarter, raise half a million and then never deliver.

    now's as good a time as any to start that cycle:
    ahemm... "all this will be possible because of advance BLOCKCHAIN technology."
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    You want to make artificial general intelligence.
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    I've been thinking of doing this for my place. Mostly just so i can have music/Netflix follow me through speakers in the bathroom/shower.

    But then I remembered how bad I am at soldering..
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    Some of that is already doable. With Alexa you can make routines triggered by time, buttons, other devices or your own command. It is probably possible to code something that when triggered turns on Tv, starts Netflix, starts computer with atom and time tracking. You should have a tv that can be remotely turned on or the fire tv and Wake-on-Lan.
    On Linux it's probably possible. On Windows with autologin and autostart it should be possible.
    With smart speakers and smart devices, if you know how to script it you already can do most of what you said atleast with Alexa. (With Siri and Apple Home certified devices it should also be possible, Google Home not sure). Oh, of course you have to live in a supported country.
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    I bet this will remain an idea.
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