I need a developer and friend to help me with this project!

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I need a developer and friend to help me with this project!

For the peeps who have been looking at my name on Discord and said "WTF is CosmoHome????" Yes my friends i know haha! Anyway CosmoHome is a company i founded 1 year and 4 months ago. I had a plan to as it was called to be .... The Next Generation Smart Home. anywayyyyy CosmoHome is a platform where you can control your smart home products and devices on one interface like your phone or computer by the connections going into what i call the CosmoHomeHUB. I also really much care about privacy so i'm working with Snips.ai to make this happen to make a Digital Assistant called CosmoAI and even more to come.... Now why the * did i post this whole story here? Well... it's people i need people... developers to be in fact to help make CosmoHome happen.... to make this come alive the whole writing the software on what is still to be determined but maybe in that Linux world.... I know that this may sound crazy but there is CosmoHome that is still to come and i hope that many of you even though about the whole pay thing (Sorry Guys... maybe ill look and see..) i think us devs can still make it happen... So.. if you love developing and love smart home and home automation please join the team and lets make CosmoHome a reality! If you wanna join go ahead and DM or tell here! Thanks guys for listening Allen K. Founder Of CosmoHome
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Java or something C related
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    So you have a company for a year but don't have funds to pay devs... Interesting proposition. /s
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    "something C related" totally joining ur company
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    @irene ik ik I'm sorry I've been trying to
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    @xkill I'm guessing that was sarcasm..
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    I'll be honest to you mr. K, this post is raising too many red flags.
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    Do you have, like, a spec of what that whole thing is? Because I honestly could not understand.
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    C related
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    Usually I'm not one to discourage ideas, or say things like "it's been done before" but a) you gotta pay people. And b) if you don't pay people you had better be making something new and original and be trying desperately to pay them.

    It sounds like you're making something that's not all that new, with no funding, and made an account just to ask for free labor... I wish you luck with your idea but I personally wouldn't wish this upon any dev I know.
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    @deadPix3l i understand what you are saying and yes what I are trying to do is going to be original for what I'm trying to do and payment wise that's something I'm really working on by trying to get some funding but this idea will be something that can really change the smart home as we know it and for security aswell if you want to we could talk on Telegram or Discord if you want

    Hope you understand 🙂
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    here is another one @dfox
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