Wrap smart technology functionalities as WordPress plugin

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Open source idea

Wrap smart technology functionalities as WordPress plugin

With the help of remote APIs like Openhab, am hoping to create plugins on the WordPress repository to provide a seamless web interface for controlling smart technologies, enabling the possibility of mounting other core functionalities of WordPress
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PHP, Json, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
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    Many smart devices are hooked by Openhab, just an ajax call on a plugin and we are good to go @norman70688
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    @devJoe but of all things.... why wordpress?

    Why do I need a CMS to handle Ajax requests?
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    @C0D4 common what do we stand for... WordPress
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    @devJoe well some of us have been scared for life by that thing and it's sub par "devs".

    What your trying to achieve I do like, except how you plan to deliver it, I just can't see why someone would install wordpress just to host a plug-in to turn their lights off.

    I have a few IoT devices (well they work over the Internet with a home brew api) which receive inbound calls from ifttt.com using google home as the voice activator.
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    @C0D4 it's logical to wrap all the different devices as different plugins then maybe add other features of WordPress like ecommerce and the likes
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